Welcoming Message


The Council for the Oversight of the Intelligence System of the Portuguese Republic welcomes everyone who has contacted us through the Internet, with the hope that on this page you will find the information which might alert you to the importance of monitoring and supervising the activity of the Intelligence Services.

The value of safety, which has always been a value which cannot be disassociated from the value of liberty, demands that there be an effective supervision of the legality of the activity of the Intelligence Services simultaneous to their fundamental action, so as to guarantee that it respects the individual guarantees of citizens.

This site aims to provide knowledge of the responsibilities and characteristics of this body, which ensures compliance with the Constitution and the law in the scope of the activity of the Intelligence Services, particularly concerning the fundamental rights, freedoms and guarantees of citizens.

So as to provide transparency and awareness for all on matters of Liberty and Safety, we have made available to those who visit us the information which we think is useful as well as the access to the various opinions issued by the Portuguese Republic’s Intelligence System Supervisory Board about its activity (Organisational law no. 4/2004, of 6 November 2004).

I should like to seize this opportunity to welcome you in the hope that this website will meet your expectations, and to thank you in advance for your collaboration in all which you may consider relevant.

Thank you.