Portuguese Republic Intelligence System

Statutory Law of the Portuguese Republic Intelligence System: Law No. 30/84, of 5 Septembre, altered by Law No. 4/95, of 21 February, 15/95, of 30 April, 75-A/97, of 22 July and 4/2004, of 6 November. This Law establishes the general basis for the Portuguese Republic Intelligence System and creates the organs that integrate it and defines the fundamental principles of its organisation, functioning and articulation.

Law No. 9/2007, of 19 February: establishes the framework regulation for the Secretary-General of the Portuguese Republic System, for the Defence Strategic Intelligence Service (SIED) and for the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and repeal the Decree Law No. 225/85, of 4 July, and 254/95, of 30 September.